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Manage Shops

Brief tutorial on how to create and edit shops


The shops are the core of this plugin, is where items are stored and timers are saved to update them. Now you may be wondering how to create one, which is a really simple task. To manage all the shops and their basic information use /dshop manager
Preview of shops manager gui

Create Shop

To create a shop, just go to the lower right button and click on it. After that, enter the new shop's name on the chat. Congratulations, you created your first shop!

Edit Shops

Whoops, I misspelled the new name's shop! Afraid not as you can change the name of the shop at anytime, same with the timer of the shop. You can also delete the shop, customize the items inside of it and customize the shop display

Yaml Support

You can edit all the shop parameters via yaml with the parser.
Note that you cannot have two shops with the same name. Also, shop's names cannot have special characters
Note: The free version is limited to one shop