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Shop Display

Brief tutorial on how to edit the display of a shop


This feature allows you to customize the looks of the shop gui to your liking. You can customize the size of it, the name of the inventory and the items on it.
Preview of the shop display gui

How does it work?

The process is simple, customize the gui to your liking and leave the slots in which you want the random items to appear empty.

Create Items (Premium)

To add an item to an slot, simple click on the slot and a gui similar to Edit Items will appear and let you edit the item.
On the free version you will only have access to Air Items

Delete Items

Right click an item to delete it.

Air Items

So, as i said, you have to leave empty the slots you want the items to appear, but, what happens if i want to leave a slot empty and also don't want any items to appear on it? Well fear not as you can create AIR items by shift left clicking an empty slot.

Copy and paste

A lot of times, custom gui's are made of a lot of glass_panes, so it can be tedious to click every single slot and create the same item. Well i thought about this too and you can copy an item to the clipboard by middle clicking it. After that, you can middle click again empty slots to paste that item as many times as you want!

Yaml Support

You can edit too the shop display via yaml, check Parser for more information.